27 July 2013

Punking Up with New Rocks!

I recently bought a new pair of shoes, oops! However these babies are gorgeous, their not a 'normal' type of shoe, much like when creepers came out people HATED them. So if you don't like them, cool! I sure do love them and they are unusual but I've always wanted a pair :)
See what I mean, not normal!
However I picked these babies up off an eBay auction, I'm terrible with waiting around so I quickly clicked the 'buy it now!' button and they arrived today :)))) I'm not entirely sure why but I have always wanted a pair and these were in my size. The seller said they had only been worn literally once and I paid £80 for them with delivery. I'm such a happy girl and better yet my boyfriend doesn't mind them :)

See you tomorrow  with a beauty post!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. oooooh I've always wanted shoes like those!
    they're so different and lovely :D

  2. they look so good on you! (saw the pic on instagram)


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