10 July 2013

Cyan Blue Skies - Nail Polish Challenge #3

 photo DSC_7910_zpse89dc049.jpg
 photo DSC_7925_zps6e2966ad.jpg
 photo DSC_7927_zpsce95bced.jpg
(sorry they look horribly messy, I'm really bad at painting my nails :c) 
 Hello everyone today I bring you another update for my nail polish challenge, I've got so many photos of all the other colours I've been wearing but this is a big favorite of mine! (Also sorry for the extreme lack of posts, I'm busy finishing my first year of college with last minute pieces of work and I've been earning lots of ££ lately but I break off on Friday hooray!). Anyway... how gorgeous is this colour? The bottle shows it to be rather dark which I was a little skeptical about but my my the colour on is ever so gorgeous, I love it!

It feels like such a vibrant summery colour and I just want to wear this all the time. It's a reasonably new polish of mine so it definitely isn't getting binned, I'm thinking of buying even more Barry M shades, despite the dry time to be slow the colours are amazing!!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. This is a really lovely colour :)

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I know right, barry m really know how to deliver! x


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