26 April 2013

A-Z of Me: A

A is for Art
I love the whole idea of controversial art from people like Marc Quinn, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst, they create some amazing pieces!
Now in school I must of been the worst person possible in art. I hated drawing, I genuinely couldn't stand it and well I was pretty rubbish at it too. However I grew up a little bit and in year 9 I took a Art & Creative Writing class to earn a few more GCSE's so I thought hey why not. My work was good but then David Cameron came to power and well lets just say my work for the full year didn't even get a mark and my confidence was well.. gone.
However year 11 rolled around and I took a Creative & Media Diploma and with it game an Art BTEC which I was dreading.. however I came out with an A (!!!) and this gorgeous creation! 
I could not be more proud of myself and Cheryl for actually completing these figures, I would say these are one of my biggest accomplishments ever. It took around maybe 50 hours over a few months to actually complete them and they were really difficult to get everything perfect and in place but look at them.. They were so worth it. I give you Victor and his Corpse Bride.
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. Those figures are amazing! I am so bad at art, so I'm jealous! I really wish I could draw.

    1. Thank you!! I can't draw so this was my final project :) xo

  2. Wow, Victor and Emily look so amazing! You've done a great job!
    I'm a little bit of an art nerd and especially love everything Tim Burton does.
    GREAT post! <3



    1. Thank you, I'm so proud of them!! :) xo

  3. Those Corpse Bride statues are amazing! You must be brilliant at art. ^_^ xx

    1. No just hard work and determination, thanks! :) xo


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