27 April 2013

Think Pink Bath Ballistic // Review

I recently won a giveaway for a Lush gift set and I couldn't wait for it to arrive, one of the items inside was this cute little bath bomb. It smelt absolutely amazing, also when picking it up it was rather crumbly so I was very excited to use it!
 photo DSCF7518_zpsb9a7d644.jpg
"Bathe in sweet, fragrant pinkness with an explosion of confetti hearts." 

Looking at it un-melted the bomb is very pink, girly and cute full of flowers. It smelt very pink and girly so I couldn't wait to get it in the bath. Little did I know that once melted it held little confetti hearts inside! That was the best bit about this bomb for me, normally I don't like them but for this particular one I felt in fit in very well with the 'pink and girly' theme so I didn't mind.
 photo DSCF7529_zpsc2bd0c6f.jpg
As you can see the water went a very nice pale pinky colour which looked very relaxing and inviting. The water smelt ever so wonderful, the website hints at vanilla with ingredients so maybe that's why it smelt so nice! Now for me this bomb smells nice and looks nice but because it's so pink I think I'll invest in some of the bombs I haven't tried yet instead of repurchasing this :)

 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. this looks so good, I must pick one up soon! xox



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