6 April 2013

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Now as you may be aware I'm actually going to see the only and only theater show on the 13th of this month, I am beyond excited! I do kind of have my costume planned out I'm just waiting for my payday and stuffss. Anyway for those who don't know I will be dressing up as Frank, not only my favorite character but I get to wear heels and fishnets (ooo!) and my boyfriend is going as Eddie which is an unusual but wonderful choice.
Now Frank is all about his glitz and glamour. His must haves are his shoes and definitely the pearls! Also you need the make up, Frank would be nothing without his bright red lip and huge dark eye make up. However the rest of his costume is ever so easy. I have my own corset I can spray with glitter and I love stockings, he is literally the most perfect character for me, I don't care that I'm female!
Eddie is also a very easy to character and especially for my boyfriend. He has ton's of ripped jeans and he can't wait to get his hands on a leather jacket he can rip up and sew patches on to, it's a small dream of his. 
I genuinely cannot wait for this show, the full day is just going to be filled with glitter, high heels and ton's of make up. I can't wait to try some make up tutorials myself, I've promised myself to take tons of photos and yes of course I'll write a post after I've been, I couldn't not! Plus I know all the words to every song so it's going to be a fabulous night!
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  1. OMG it's like my dream to see Rocky Horror at an actual theater, so jealous!
    I'd go as Janet or Columbia haha, have fun there!


    1. Good choice and I will thank you :) It's a dream coming true! xo

  2. My boyfriend went with his family and they got him in a corset :P Have a great time x

    1. I will thank you :) I bet that was a wonderful sight heh xo


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