24 April 2013

It's all about the bag! // Wishlist #4

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Now I've always thought of Ted Baker bags as the horrible plastic ones with the big bows that nearly every girl in and out of college has... How wrong I was. Now I didn't like those bags so I thought hey I won't like any TB bags... Oh dear. 
I would have to say without a doubt the third is most definitely my favorite! 

Above I have put together a selection of ones I just about adore. There's little ones and big ones and ones in between  so one for every occasion! First off I adore the tan colour on bags, I crave tan bags so the Tote with a bow is just to die for, I just want it, however the price tag makes me cry a little (£230). But also does the black one next to it, I love anything it tote form and for me would be perfect for college because I carry a lot of stuff!

However I do like my smaller bags and and the colour tan and baby pink bag would be perfect for a night out or even a meal out, to me it's so cute and dainty oh and it's the perfect colour every for a bag! If I could I would use a tan bag with every outfit, even if it didn't go.. oops. Mind, the red bag is so gorgeous and the colour is so deep and just perfect for every day use as it has handles as well as a strap, so good for me! All the bags look roomy but also lightweight. The designs are simplistic but every so gorgeous.

I wish I were a rich girl. 
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