4 April 2013

Kick Ass Concealer By Soap & Glory // Review

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So recently in a haul video I said I had bought S&G's concealer after much thought. Now I've read really good things about this product and I really wanted it as I'm a huge fan of the brand but I really didn't feel like paying £10 (!!) for the product, however in Boots it was reduced to £7 so it wasn't as bad plus I felt like treating myself! First thing I noticed about this product is it's gorgeous packaging, it's very retro and old school and I wanted it even more! I bought it in the lightest colour and I think it matches my skin tone perfectly! (Although my dark under eyes do fight the concealer hard, it works perfectly).

As you can see from the picture below there are 3 steps, 1 for under your eyes to brighten you up, 2 for covering up any blemishes and scars you want to hide and 3 with a little puff with finishing powder to set your concealer in place. Now I love the set out of the 'steps' it's very cute and easy to follow but also very simple.   photo DSCF7335_zps549adba1.jpg  photo DSCF7343_zps0cecb031.jpg
It was hard to show the swatches up against the flash of my camera but I hope you can see them well, as I said before these colours match my skin perfectly and they blend so well with my foundation, they are perfect for covering dark circles and uneven skin! 

Now I bought this a few weeks ago and have used it nearly every day since and I love it, you don't need to use much of the product to cover up so hopefully this baby will last me a good length of time! It's easy to apply and doesn't look too 'fake'. 

Have you tried any of S&G's make up products?
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  1. I love this concealer, the peach/salmon colour more than the 'skin tone' shade - it completely transforms dark circles doesn't it :) xx
    Lisa // MISS LISA.co.uk

    1. It's amazing right! :) Must have for me xo

  2. This looks like such a lovely little compact :) might try this instead of benefit fake up! xxx

    1. It's much cheaper I'll say that! It's cute and small, perfect :) xo

  3. This looks wonderful! Definitely might have to give it a try(:


    1. It is wonderful, you totally should :) xo


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