11 April 2013

Ye Olde leather jacket!

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How gorgeous is this jacket???? 
Now I picked this up on a whim, I was out shopping yesterday with Tom and we were looking for a jacket for his Eddie costume, he is quite large on the top and I found this jacket and thought it'd be perfect! However.... We'd have to cut the sleeves off it to be in character and well it didn't really fit him. So I came to the rescue!

This baby cost me £20 (!!!) out of Banardo's and it's real leather with the cow hide label inside, it has lots of zippy pockets and it feels wonderful. It's not only a perfect fit but it's also rather thick and I can wear a hoodie underneath for cold/rainy weather. The smell too, mmh I love a good leather smell! What can I say, I've fallen in love with this jacket. Now it is a large (I'm normally around a 12) which got me thinking about how old it is?

This was the best surprise ever, not only do I have a new beautiful jacket, which is real leather. 
I didn't break the bank! Yay me :)

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  1. Looks beautiful, wish I had that luck with charity shops! There's some sleeveless leather jackets in the women's section of Primark if Tom fancies having a look there, I know it's the women's section but they might save some pennies! Xxx

    1. It's so gorgeous, hello new favorite jacket! Thank you very much :) xo


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