11 May 2013

A-Z of Me: B

B is for Books

I read a lot of books. A hell of a lot. Last year I made a goal to read 50... this year my goal is 70! I have always been an avid reader though, since being a little kid in primary school, I just couldn't get enough. Nowadays I will read almost anything whether it be fantasy, horror or crime. I will read the odd autobiography every now and then but it has to be cool, like Ozzy Osbourne for example.
 photo DSC_0039_zps23e11c24.jpg
My pride and glories (Harry Potter) obviously get the top shelf! 
 photo DSC_0040_zps25bb2961.jpg
I like the smell of old books and of new books. I like hardback versions and I like paperbacks (their easier to carry!) I've read tons of books, most of them on my shelves I have actually read, however I keep buying and buying until well I've got no room left. I have a little box thing filled with 'to-read' books which is actually so full I have to put the left overs on my bookcase... eep. 
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Did I mention I have even more 'older' books from my childhood I'm still clinging on too? I just can't get rid of my Lemony Snicket books! I just hope in years to come, I still enjoy reading as much as I do now! (I could have a library in my house ^.^ !) 
You can also find me on Goodreads, drop me some recommendations I always want new books :)
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  1. Aww, I wish I had a book shelf like you! Strange thing to say but crammed book shelves excite me. :D
    I love that you read "everything"... I'm way to picky. :/

    Lovely post! xx


    1. I do try to read everything, just because I like owning so many book! :D xo

  2. Aaaah, I love reading too. Although I think my goal for this year won't be met :(

    I love the smell of books too, people look at me weird when I'm in Waterstones...it's normal to smell them before doing anything else, isn't it? :3

    Laura x

    1. I love smelling books heheh, I guess it is normal :3 xo

  3. Hahah I have that The Dark Heroine book too :P in my 'to read' pile, got it in Asda for like £1.50! xx


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