29 May 2013

Schuh - Creeper Pumps

 photo DSC_7764_zps147a98b6.jpg
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£25 in the sale. 
£40 normal price.

Now I am a huge impulse buyer, I will get paid on a Tuesday, go out to town on the Wednesday and just buy buy buy and I don't even know why I buy the things I do, it tends to be make, clothes and shoes, oops! These were an impulse buy but I saw them and though 'need!'. I've been after some 'pump' type shoes for a while after my studded & plain pair from Matalan decided to break on me. I thought these were good value at £25 plus being from Schuh I definitely think they will last me.

I have always been one for pushing the boat out with shoe trends especially after getting 2" sole creepers a few years ago and calf high sliver Doc Martens. I thought these would suit me just fine. I absolutely love the sole on them, they are very 'me'. Plus I can just tell they will last me. They were in the sale and I saw them and though 'on they look pretty nice' and when I saw the size being a 4 I knew it was meant to be so I quickly snatched them up!
 photo DSC_7766_zps99b3ec73.jpg
These babies fit like a dream and have tons of padding. 
They are super comfy and I can't wait to wear them in summer!
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