14 May 2013

The Procastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

Wouldn't you just love to own a dressing up table like this?!

Now I've seen this tag popping up here, there and everywhere and when the lovely Helen tagged me in it I decided to give it a go for myself! I've also seen it on Ali's and Mia's blogs where all you lovely ladies can check out the rules if you'd like to join in!

Name a beauty regime you rarely do.
I am so bad at nighttime skincare, sometimes I use face wipes.. sometimes not even that! I'm terrible. I need to get much better on skincare before I go to bed, also I need to get rid of the face wipes (apart from mascara!) and use my cleanser/tone a lot more as well as exfoliating!

Is washing your make up brushes something you do regularly?
At the moment no. The only brush I use is one for blusher and I use the same blush ever day. However I did just order the Real Techniques Core Collection brushes so when I start using them I can see brush washing going up on my list of priorities!

How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
I bite my nails a lot but with polish on I don't touch them even when they chip! Also I can normally only wear nail polish for a week max at a time with my job so I tend to take it off before it starts to chip but I wouldn't pick at chipped nails either, I'd just remove it.

How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail product - even if you need it? (E.g a new foundation)
It depends on the product, I tend to buy my replace just as the older one is running out which means I never actually run out. Saying that I only replace items I really love like the Kate Moss lipsticks and my No7 foundation. Plus nothing I use at the moment is expensive so I can always afford to replace.

What is your worst beauty habit?
I'm not too sure, I do lean on face a lot at college meaning I wipe my foundation away like there's no tomorrow. I also touch my hair a lot meaning my fringe looks terrible when I get home! Also with lippy and lip balms, I am forever reapplying, balms is like all the time and lippy is maybe every hour or so..? Eek.

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time.
Coursework, college work, revision in general. I'm really lazy yet dedicated when it comes to college. I know the stuff and I can get good grades but I leave everything till last minute and panic like mad purely because I'm too lazy/unmotivated to actually get anything done.

When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready to the last minute or not?
I have a pet hate of being late, so much that I'm nearly always early for everything. For college I take around 40 minutes including make up and washing my hair. If I were going out with friends or Tom then I'm more likely to say 1/2 hours. I hate rushing around to get ready!

Can you commit to spending bands?
I don't think so, I always tell myself to save but then there's always something I want to buy. Hopefully the more I start to earn at work the more I'll save! However I would struggle badly on a spending ban there's always a new book or beauty product I want...

How organised is you make up and nail collection?
I've been searching for weeks for somewhere nice to store my make up! (Apart from plastic drawers, please recommend me good storage!) I am trying but for now it's just on the top of my chest or drawers all over the place and my nail colors in a make up bag.

What is the longest time you have gone without writing a blog post?
About 2 weeks I think, normally when I've had no pictures/products to blog about and I've just been really lazy spending my time on coursework and Tom.

For this I'm not going to tag anyone in particular but I'd love to see all my readers to this post (or maybe as a video?) also if you've already done it link me!! I love reading tag posts :)
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  1. I'm so bad at leg hair removal! The last time I got my legs waxed was January :/ x

    1. I have to admit, I've never had mine waxed eep! :| xo

  2. Hey, love the beauty and book combo two of my favourite things! Check out my blog?



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