18 May 2013

My New Baby!

No guys I did not have a baby overnight!
I know this post is long overdue (as are some others) but I had a day off work and I thought I'd write a post and show off to you all my lovely new camera. If you thought my pictures had gotten better in quality, no it wasn't me it was the camera! I recently got quite a bit of bond money from being a little baby 4 figures to be exact and I thought about treating myself before I put the money away before uni and I did just that.
Say hello to my new Nikon D3100!
 photo DSCF7711_zps0452b7fd.jpg
I apologize for the terrible photo quality! These were taken on my old Fujifilm s1900 and only now have I realized how bad the quality is so I'm rather thankful I treated myself to an SLR. It takes the most amazing photos (which are so much clearer) and records videos in HD for my collab channel as well as my own which is a massive bonus because now my videos are watchable! It cost me £310 + £30 cash back when I get around to it and the case and other accessories cost me £25 which is a bargain!
 photo DSCF7710_zps13005da0.jpg
I'm obviously very new to the whole 'photography' and 'SLR' experience which is why at the moment I only use the camera on the auto setting but hopefully in the next weeks I can teach myself from online tutorials the basics of an SLR camera which I'm so excited for! Also if you lovely bloggers have any tips for an SLR beginner do post in the comment box, it would help me a great deal! :-) 
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
** in no way am i showing off with the amount of money i had or the expensive camera, i am simply sharing a product i bought and currently enjoying a lot! also i wanted a camera update as my old one was bought when i was around 14.


  1. Ahh that's amazing! Never feel like you need to justify yourself to people though, how much money you have and what you spend it on shouldn't be anyone else's problem.

    Looking forward to some fab photos! xx

    1. I just felt like I should because sometimes the blogging world is like that, thanks :) xo

  2. Wow! That's cheap for an SLR isn't it?? Well done on the bargain!

    1. Yes it's a 'beginner'SLR so I hope I did good for the price :) xo


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